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Relationship Strategy Resources

Sign your family up to do year round random acts of kindness the whole year round.

Conversation Starters

Here you have access to 83 questions that you can ask your child to start conversations that will strengthen your relationship.

Stand Up to Peer Pressure

This is a downloadable activity you can use with young or older kids to teach how to stand up to peer pressure.

Think Before You Speak

This activity helps to teach kids to stop and think before they say something. There are resources for younger or older kids.

Who’s Great at This

This activity aides parents in teaching their kids how to get along with different people.

Building Developmental Relationships

This is a checklist to help promote developmental relationship

100 Relationship Building Ideas for Families

Different activities to do as a family to build relationships.

30 Team Building Activities for Teens and Families

Some fun relationship building activities that the whole family will enjoy.

Family-Strengthening Activities

Quick activities that cost nothing to do that will strengthen family relationships

Confident Parents, Confident Kids

This is a website with a lot of resources to promote your child’s social emotional needs.

This website is aimed at fathers. It is filled with resources on parenting and teaching your kids different relationship skills.

Edutopia Website

This is an article that is filled with ways to build a relationship with your child. There are also many other resources at the end.

Improve Parent Teen Relationships

This has different techniques you can practice and apply to build better relationships with your teen.

Help Your Teen Now

This blog offers tips and resources to help solidify the “team” building capacity of your family.