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Intra-District Transfer Policy
If you would like to apply for an Intra-District Transfer please begin the process at your home school site. 
  • Intra-district transfers will be reviewed each grading period for good citizenship, regular attendance and a minimum of average grades. Transfers who are judged not acceptable will be revoked.
  • Intra-district transfers, which would worsen overcrowded classes, will be denied.
  • An intra-district transfer may not be granted to a student whose attendance; conduct or academic achievement does not satisfactorily meet the expectations of the requested school of attendance.
  • Intra-district transfers based on curriculum (including academies) will carry a one year period of athletic ineligibility.
  • When specific or unusual circumstances necessitate a transfer, the District Director will determine the school of attendance.
  • Final decisions regarding transfers requested will be determined by the District Director.
  • Mutual Agreement Intra-district Transfers do not allow for younger siblings to follow and attend the same school. Also, there is a one (1) year period of athletic ineligibility on Mutual Agreement Transfers.
Siblings of students receiving an intra-district transfer are not guaranteed attendance as family and must apply through the open enrollment process.

The district reserves the right to deny any intra-district transfer request, regardless of stated guidelines, when such a transfer would not be in the best interest of the district and/or student.

Denial of an intra-district request may be appealed to the principal or his designee at the school of legal residence. Following the decision of the principal further appeals, if necessary should be submitted to the District Director.

SG:dr IDT Trans Policy Rev. 06/12