UPDATE:  2/20/2024
Current 8th Graders:  Your first opportunity to select a school other than your home school was Open Enrollment which was held January 16, 2024 at 8:00 AM to January 19, 2024 at 4:00 PM.  It is now CLOSED.  Open Enrollment requests were approved/denied based on availability at the school site; if there was room you were approved.  
Transfer Requests:  You may file a transfer request using the links below.  For an Intra District Transfer you will need to provide a reason and supporting information.   Each school site will evaluate your request based on the information you submit while also considering the capacity at the selected school site.  No transportation is provided for transfers.  
Current KHSD Students in grades 9-12:  
Please note: 
  • Your student must be enrolled in the Kern High School District and
  • Your child must be registered at your school of residence before the transfer will be processed.  An exception to this would be Previous Attendance Transfer or a Family Transfer.  
  • Each IDT request is based on what you submit and all requests are evaluated on a case by case basis; while also considering our schools capacity limitations. 
Types of transfer requests:
Mutual Agreement:  Requires agreement/approval between the home school and the requested school. 
Curriculum:  Program offered at a site.  Requires room at the requested school and room in the program. 
Temporary Transfer
Previous Attendance:  Requires one full year of previous attendance at requested school.  No break in enrollment.  
Family:  Requires sibling, in the same household, with parent or legal guardian who is attending the requested school.  
Other:  Unique circumstances:  Ex:  Documented safety concern
How to request an IDT
  1. CLICK HERE to fill out an electronic IDT:  English 
  2. CLICK HERE to fill out an electronic IDT:  Spanish 
What do I do if my IDT is denied:  
APPEAL Process:
If your IDT request is denied you may file an appeal review by calling 827-3376.  Your written appeal should include all pertinent information related to your original IDT request and all additional information that may be important to an approval.  The administrator in charge will review your appeal based on:  New information provided, school capacity etc.  Once the administrator has reached a decision you will be notified by mail.  There is no appeal to the appeal; the decision is FINAL.
Appeal reviews are conducted the first week of each month.  
If your appeal is denied we conduct Open Enrollment for current KHSD students during the month of April.  Please check back during April if your appeal is denied and you would still like to be considered for another school.    
Please be patient with this process.  If you have any questions, you can contact our office by emailing:  [email protected]
Stan Greene
Click to view Board Policy 5117: Interdistrict Attendance:  BOARD POLICY LINK