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ASB & Booster Club Resources

California law allows students in California's public schools to raise money and make decisions about how they will spend this money.  Student organizations that are established to raise and spend money on behalf of students are calleed Associated Student Body organizations, or ASBs.  ASBs must be made up of current students.  The funds that are raised and spend by student organizations are called associated student body funds or ASB funds.  In the minds of public school officials and the general public, ASB funds may be thought of as small proceeds from a few bake sales, dances or car washes a year.  However, in many cases ASB funds have become big business for student organizations.  An ASB at a large high school or a community college may raise millions of dollars a year. 
ASB organizations and the management of ASB funds present students with opportunities not only to raise and spend money, but also to learn the principles of operating a small business and acquire leadership skills while making a contribution to their school and fellow students. 
Many people are involved with student organizations and their management.  The links and resources below provide information on the successful operation of an ASB organization in a user-friendly format to guide district business office support staff, principals/site administrators, ASB and activity directors, fiscal administrators, office managers and accountants, ASB bookkeepers, secretaries, students and others who are responsible for student body activities.