Mental Health Services

All Kern High School District (KHSD) school sites have access to School Psychologists, School Social Workers, School Counselors, and School Mental Health Clinicians.  These mental health professionals work with students, families, staff, and interagency partners to assess and support mental health challenges on campus, and work to address possible barriers to student learning.  Services may include: supportive counseling to individual student, consultative services to parent/guardian, evidence based interventions, suicide prevention/intervention services, crisis response, case management, referral to community partners and/or collaboration with outside mental health providers.


Parents/guardians may contact their student’s school site directly (can start with your student's school counselor at the site or fill out Student Request for Intervention and Supports on the top of every school website homepage) for an overview of the services and supports available and to receive more information about the specific type of mental health services and supports provided, how to access these services, or to receive more information about referrals to community agencies and resources, when applicable.  Mental health is not just mental illness but encompasses wellness; social, emotional and behavioral health; and ability to cope with daily life challenges. Unmet mental health needs can affect students’ attendance, behavior, classroom engagement, academic success, development of peer relationships and skills to be successful long term. Mental health services in schools include a broad range of services and strategies; which may include: direct therapeutic interventions and supportive counseling, case management, crisis interventions, teaching/reinforcing positive decision making, brief interventions, psychoeducation, assessments and referrals to community providers. Providing mental health services in a school based setting helps address barriers to learning and provide support so that all students can achieve in school and ultimately in life. Schools are also places where prevention and early intervention activities can occur in a non-stigmatizing environment.


You may also directly contact Stephen Granucci, Director of Student Behavior & Supports or Jennifer Anderson, Director of Special Education Services at (661) 827-3100





Kern Behavioral Health & Recovery Services

Access:  661-868-8080

Local Crisis Hotline:  1-800-991-5272


Student Support Page


Kern County Department of Human Services - Community Resources


National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)


California Department of Education, Mental Health



National Suicide Prevention Lifeline:   1-800-273-8255

Crisis Text Hotline:  Text HOME to 741741

Local Crisis Hotline:  868-8000 or 800-991-5272