Student Records

Scott Odlin, Director II of Instruction
Scott Odlin
Director II of Instruction

The parent/guardian shall have the right and opportunity to examine all school records of his or her child and to receive copies pursuant to this section and to Section 49065 within five business days after the request is made by the parent, either orally or in writing (California Education Code 56504 and 49069/49065, District BP 5125). 


If schools are closed for holidays or non-student days during the year, we will work with the family on dates and/or the availability of qualified certificated school site and/or school site personnel to interpret records if necessary or requested.

If you would like to order your Official Student Transcript: 
There are two methods for obtaining an Official Student Transcript.
  • Order your transcripts online through
  • Order directly from the last Kern High school the student attended.
CONTACT:  Should you have additional questions, please feel free to contact Scott Odlin, Director II of Instruction at (661) 827-3118 or email at [email protected].