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LGBTQIA+ Resources

Please complete the Request for Name Change/Gender Marker form and submit to your site principal. A parent signature is not required to submit the form.






Mario Gonzalez, Jennifer Stevens & Riley Marquez



Kristina Rathburn Smith &

Tamara Clark



Courtney Armas Hampton

Central Valley


Jose Martinez

Del Oro


Olivia Garrison & Jovanni Garcia



Maddison Tibbetts & Eric Osborne



Link Costa


Prism (GSA)

Brian Trubey

Golden Valley

Sexuality and Gender Acceptance Club

Nadia Wehbe


Pride Club

Kathryn Cornford

& Jennifer Nelson



Leslie Trent & Alison Kolberg

Kern Valley

KV Pride

Jasmine Tatman



Alyson Moss & Brooke Richter

Mira Monte


Brooke Malley Ault &

Monica Munn


Sexuality & Gender Equality (SAGE) Club

Nicole Rodriguez & Jouselin Martin



Dustin Marquez & Marta Elias


Wolfpack Pride

Cody Bema & Robyn Dyer



Sharaya Durant, Preston Robison, Kelly Borrego & Kourtney Ciaravino



Michael Pawloski &

Rebekah Ingle



Drew Hallum &

Crystal Huddleston

Tierra Del Sol


Celeste Esqueda &

Joseph Turschak



Mike Robison &

Suze DeArmond

Vista West


Jessica Barr-Ross &

Nicolle Frey



Brandy Sparks & Sean Brown

Equity and Inclusion Student Advisory Council 

Contact Cheyenne Bell at (661) 827-3100 ext. 53467

Establish communication between the student body and district leadership regarding issues of discrimination and harassment, to promote inclusivity, safety on campus, and celebrate diversity.

Equity Communities of Practice (ECsOP)

Contact Cheyenne Bell at (661) 827-3100 ext. 53467

Collectively examine and act on district and site level policies and practices to eliminate disparities.

School Climate Survey

Contact Stephen Granucci or Socorro Guerrero at (661) 827-3100 ext. 53259

The School Climate Survey is an anonymous survey administered twice a year, once in the fall (10/3/23 - 11/3/23) and once in the spring (4/8/24 - 4/19/24). This survey collects student data regarding bullying, cyberbullying, inclusion, LGBTQIA+ topics, meaningful participation, racism, school climate, safety and school connections.

California Healthy Kids Survey

Contact Stephen Granucci or Socorro Guerrero at (661) 827-3100 ext. 53259

The California Healthy Kids Survey is an anonymous survey administered once a year in the spring (4/8/24 - 4/19/24). This survey collects student data regarding student connectedness, learning engagement/motivation, and attendance; school climate, culture, and conditions; school safety, including violence perpetration and victimization/bullying; physical and mental well-being and social-emotional learning; and student supports, including resilience-promoting developmental factors (caring relationships, high expectations, and meaningful participation). The survey gathers information on developmental supports provided to youth; school connectedness and barriers to learning; school safety; and health-related concerns such as physical activity and nutritional habits; alcohol, tobacco and other drug use; and risk of depression and suicide and perceived sexual orientation.

Agencies/organizations that appear on this page do not constitute an endorsement of the Kern High School District (KHSD) nor should an exclusion of other websites be considered intentional. Opinions expressed are solely those of the host website and not necessarily those of KHSD. Any advertising presented is solely the responsibility of the host website and not KHSD. Additionally, references, links, products or services displayed by the websites are not to be considered endorsements of KHSD.

Alliance Against Family Violence and Sexual Assault

24 Hour Hotline Number (661-327-1091); [email protected] 

Walk-in: Family Justice Center (FJC) 2101 Oak St. or The Outreach Center 1921 19th St.

The mission of the Alliance Against Family Violence and Sexual Assault is to stop domestic violence and sexual assault in Kern County and assist survivors in reclaiming their lives. 

Bakersfield LGBTQ+ 

(661) 302-4266

Find them on Facebook and Instagram.

Supports the needs of the LGBTQ+ community in Bakersfield

California Department of Education 

Supporting LGBTQIA+ Students

Peer Support or Affinity Clubs and Organizations 

Supporting LGBTQIA+ Students-Instructional guidance, law, and policies for local educational agencies to support LGBTQIA+ students and provide safe learning environments that protect the health and safety of LGBTQIA+ students


The Center for Sexuality and Gender Diversity

(661) 404-5209

The Center is located at 902 18th St. Bakersfield, CA. For more information contact [email protected].


The hyperlink above includes resources for AIDS Drug Assistance Program, Case Management Services, and PrEP Assistance Program that protect and promote the health and safety of the community we serve.

It Gets Better Project

Find them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube

Provides a platform for LGBTQIA+ youth to share their stories to provide hope and encouragement.


Joe's House


Provides support to reduce homelessness among the LGBTQIA+ Community. This is a resource that helps with housing for LGBTQIA+ students who are age 18+ that need help with housing.  

LGBT National Help Center 

Youth Talkline: 1-800-246-PRIDE (77433)

Serves the LGBTQIA+ community by providing free & confidential peer-support and resources

PFLAG Bakersfield 

Parents, Families, Friends & Allies United with LGBTQIA+ People to move equality forward (661) 527-3524; [email protected].  

Provides culturally and linguistically appropriate support and resources for LGBTQIA+ persons and families. PFLAG conducts presentations by LGBTQIA+ persons and family members for students, parents and the community.


Trans Lifeline
(877) 565-8860
Trans Lifeline’s Hotline is a peer support phone service run by trans people for trans and questioning peers. Call if you need someone trans to talk to, even if you’re not in crisis. The Hotline is operating 24/7. When call volumes are high it may take a little longer to get connected—please try calling again.
The Trevor Project’s mission is to end suicide among LGBTQ young people. Click on the above hyperlink to explore what support can look like and resources to help with your wellness.

Youth Empowerment Pride Project of Bakersfield 

[email protected]  

Provides online safe spaces for LGBTQIA+ Youth in Bakersfield and Kern County - Free 24/7 Virtual Tutoring is an online tutoring platform accessible 24/7 for all KHSD students. It is accessible through Canvas by selecting the "Help" button on the blue left side menu of students' main page. 



An online college and career readiness program that is available to all KHSD students.


Digital Learning Resources

Provides information and resources related to educational technology (Canvas, Google Workspace, Microsoft Office 365, Zoom, etc.).

Chief Communications Officer/Title IX Coordinator: Dean Juola

(661) 827-3100 ext. 53173

Student Request for Intervention and Supports

If you or someone you know is in need of support, including academic and social-emotional, go to your school’s website and click on the Student Request for Intervention and Supports link at the top of the page and submit a request.


Sprigeo School Safety Tip Line

If you or someone you know feels unsafe, go to your school’s website and click on the Sprigeo link at the top of the page and submit a report. You can also download the Sprigeo app from the Apple Store or Android Marketplace to submit a report.


School Counselors and Mental Health Professionals 

All Kern High School District (KHSD) school sites have access to School Psychologists, School Social Workers, School Counselors, and School Mental Health Clinicians.  These mental health professionals work with students, families, staff, and interagency partners to assess and support mental health challenges on campus, and work to address possible barriers to student learning.  Services may include individual counseling, family counseling, group counseling/skills groups, suicide prevention/intervention services, crisis intervention services, case management/progress monitoring, school social work services, and/or referral to community partners. Parents/guardians may contact their student’s school site directly (can start with your son/daughter's school counselor at the site) for an overview of the services provided and to receive more information about the specific type of mental health services and supports provided, how to access these services, or to receive more information about referrals to community agencies and resources, when applicable.


KHSD recognizes that the presence of supportive educational staff, and inclusive learning environment, can have a significant positive impact on LGBTQ+ students’ academic achievement, aspirations, and psychological well-being. The above-named professionals are available to support LGBTQ+ students in the challenges they may face on and off the school campus.

Student Behavior and Supports

Contact Stephen Granucci (661) 827-3100 ext. 53118

Student Behavior & Supports includes many varied aspects of “whole student” work that provide a healthy, safe, and secure environment for our students and staff -- with whole student efforts for support outside the classroom, campus safety, related work to implement PBIS evidence-based tenets, tiered interventions, and intent to create more restorative spaces on campus when possible, within a preventative and proactive framework for student support structures.  KHSD is dedicated to maximizing student success and ongoing communication among all stakeholders is the key to making sure our students are supported to the best of our ability. KHSD is committed to a quality educational program, responsive to the needs of our students in a safe and nurturing environment. KHSD will focus on coordination of services, leveraging of existing district and community resources/partnerships, and alignments of systems to benefit students and families. 

KHSD will coordinate resources and services for families, students, and the school with community groups, including businesses, agencies, cultural and civic organizations, and colleges or universities.  A key component is the development of collaborative partnerships to build capacity between KHSD and community partners.


Monica Bonillo, Lead Interventionist (661) 827-3100 ext. 53315

Provide evidence-based, targeted interventions that include increased instruction in cognitive skill areas (including problem-solving skills, executive functioning, and social emotional competencies), opportunities to practice skills outside of the intervention setting, and progress monitoring tools.

Nursing/Health Services 

Amy Greene, Director of Nursing Services (661) 827-3100 ext. 54530

KHSD’s Nursing Services are responsible for strengthening and facilitating the education process by improving and protecting the health status of children by identifying and assisting in the removal or modification of health related barriers to learning and teaching process for individual students.

Our School Nurses are especially prepared and uniquely qualified in preventive health, health assessment, and referral procedures. School nursing is a specialized practice of professional nursing that advances the well being academic success and lifelong achievement of students. The ability to learn at school is directly related to the status of a student’s health. Identification of health barriers is crucial to the provision of an appropriate education plan for every student.

School Social Workers

Kim Reynolds, Lead Social Worker ext. 53315

Trained mental health professionals who can assist with mental health concerns, behavioral concerns, positive behavioral support, academic and classroom support, consultation with teachers, parents and administrators as well as provide individual and group counseling/therapy. 

Substance Abuse Specialists

Ben Amey, Lead Substance Abuse Specialist (661) 827-3100 ext. 53458

Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselors assigned to comprehensive and continuation sites to work with site staff to serve those students in need. Our Substance Abuse Specialists help students develop social, communication, and emotional regulation skills to help manage risky situations that may lead to substance use or abuse.


Attendance and Truancy

Contact Aaron Mykytiuk at 661-397-7301 ext. 66872


School attendance is essential to academic success, but too often students, parents and schools do not realize how quickly absences — excused or unexcused — can add up to academic trouble. Chronic absence is defined as missing 10 percent of the school year, or just 2-3 days every month. According to the US Department of Education, school attendance is a powerful predictor of student outcomes. In fact, irregular attendance can be a better predictor of whether students will drop out of school before graduation than test scores. KHSD has and will continue to work with parents, teachers and administrators in addressing high absence rates and improving children’s chances of receiving a complete and effective education.

Tier III WRAP/Focus Team 

Contact Stephen Granucci (661) 827-3100 ext. 53118

Works collaboratively with school sites to provide additional support for specific, intensive student needs for students that are receiving Tier III services. They use a team-based, facilitated process where the team gathers around a student and family/guardians to develop, implement and continually refine a plan until it achieves its intended outcomes. 

Student Advocacy Centers (SAC)

Contact Stephen Granucci or Fabian Buckner at (661) 827-3100 ext. 53118

SAC is located on six (6) high school campuses in KHSD, and is a peer-operated Tier I intervention, reduces referral, suspension and recidivism rates, increases instructional time, repairs harm and restores relationships. Student Advocacy Center members model school-wide expectations and actively participate in the decision-making process regarding how to address and reduce unwanted behaviors. Student Advocacy Center members work with student offenders to fashion creative solutions to disciplinary matters, clarify issues and events, provide meaningful opportunities to be heard, and encourage accountability while focusing on repairing harm to the community. Dispositions hold students accountable, in part, through peer mentoring, which exerts a powerful influence on adolescent behavior. 

Examples of dispositions include: 

  • Teacher-student agreements for classroom behavior 
  • Personal development assignments to teach lagging skills, such as goal setting and problem solving 
  • Academic skill enhancement through peer tutoring 
  • Social action, including In-school or community service 
  • Restorative circles and community building classroom circles 
  • Request for Assistance for Tier II services

Agencies/organizations that appear on this page do not constitute an endorsement of the Kern High School District (KHSD) nor should an exclusion of other websites be considered intentional. Opinions expressed are solely those of the host website and not necessarily those of KHSD. Any advertising presented is solely the responsibility of the host website and not KHSD. Additionally, references, links, products or services displayed by the websites are not to be considered endorsements of KHSD.


American School Counselor Association (ASCA)

The School Counselor and LGBTQ Youth

Provides information about the school counselor’s role and a list of references/resources.

Anti-Defamation League (ADL) 

Unheard Voices: Stories of LGBT History

Provides educational resources related to anti-bias, anti- discrimination and anti-bullying.

California Teachers Association (CTA) 

Provides resources for supporting LGBTQIA+ staff and students

Cyberbullying Research Center

Offers training and resources for staff, students, and families about cyberbullying.

Family Acceptance Project 

A research, intervention, education, and policy initiative that works to prevent health and mental health risks for LGBTQIA+ children and youth - in the context of their families, cultures and faith communities.

Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) 

Educational organization dedicated to ensuring that every member of every school community is valued and respected regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression. Provides educational resources, policy guidance, and networking.

Gender Spectrum 

Offers educational resources to empower relationships, work and interactions with youth and students related to gender inclusion.

GSA Network

Offers training, resources, and support for GSA youth leaders. 

Learning for Justice

Provides free resources to educators to support the creation of inclusive school communities where children are respected, valued and welcome.

Movement Advancement Project (MAP)

Provides information about LGBTQIA+ laws and policies by state.

My Pronouns

Provides free resources about personal pronouns, including why they matter and how to address mistakes when/if they happen.

The Rainbow Booklist

Provides an annotated bibliography of quality LGBTQIA+ literature for readers from birth to 18 years of age.

The Safe Zone Project

Free online resource for LGBTQIA+ awareness and ally training.

Provides information and resources about how to identify and prevent bullying, including cyberbullying.

Welcoming Schools

Provides LGBTQIA+ and gender inclusive professional development, lesson plans, book lists, and resources for educators.

The Kern High School District (KHSD) is committed to ensuring equal, fair, and meaningful access to employment and education services. KHSD prohibits discrimination, harassment (including sexual harassment), intimidation, or bullying in any employment practice, education program, or educational activity on the basis and/or association with a person or group with one or more of these actual or perceived characteristics of age, ancestry, color, ethnic group identification, gender, gender identity or expression, genetic information, immigration status, marital status, medical information, national origin, physical or mental disability, parental status, political affiliation, pregnancy and related conditions, race, religion, retaliation, sex, sexual orientation, military or veterans status, homelessness, foster status, or any other basis prohibited by California state and federal nondiscrimination laws consistent with Education Code 200 and 220, Government Code 11135, and Title IX. Education Code 234.1 requires any school district serving students in grades 7 to 12 to provide certificated employees with information on existing school site, district and community resources related to the support of LGBTQIA+ students. The list provided identifies resources to support the academic and social-emotional needs of KHSD students who may identify as LGBTQIA+.

If you believe you, or your student, have been subjected to discrimination, harassment, intimidation, or bullying you should contact your school site principal and/or the District’s Chief Compliance and Title IX Coordinator, Dean Juola, by phone at (661)  827-3100 (ext. 53173),  by email at [email protected], or in person at 5801 Sundale Avenue, Bakersfield, CA 93309. Copies of KHSD’s Uniform Complaint policy, Sexual Harassment policy, and Nondiscrimination policies are available on the KHSD website.