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At this point in time we are not renting our pool.  When we begin renting the pool there will additional costs associated with COVID-19 mitigation.  
If you wish to rent the pool you need to contact School Support Services in order to get the appropriate paperwork and receive approval. 
Availability will be based on KHSD usage.    
Rental Rates:
          Short Course(3 lane minimum- 2 hour minimum)   
               $10.00 per lane/hour
          Timing System                                                         
               $35.00 per hour
          Big Pool                                                                   
               $180.00 per hour
          Small Pool                                                               
               $90.00 per hour
               $26.50 per hour
               $19.00 per hour
          *Pool Manager                                                         
               $37.00 per hour
*A pool manager is required for pool rentals.  The Aquatics Manager will determine the number of lifeguards needed using the KHSD Pool Safety and Lifeguard Manual.  
Note:  The pool is used for instructional purposes, interscholastic athletics, local and regional competitions and is not available for non-educational purposes such as celebrations or parties.  
Example:     Pool rental of three lanes for two hours:
                           $10.00 per lane (3) for two hours          $30.00 per hour             $60.00 
                           $19.00 per lifeguard (4)                         $76.00 per hour             $152.00
                           $37.00 pool manager                            $37.00 per hour             $74.00 
                                                                                                 TOTAL:                  $286.00
                **These are estimates only.  Once application is submitted a more accurate estimate will be provided.