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Click on link to sign up for an appointment to fingerprint.  You will need to bring:
  • Current State Issued Drivers License AND
  • Social Security Card
  • These two items MUST match!
          EX:  David Michael Johnson on Drivers License and
                  David Michael Johnson Jr on Social Security
                  ***These two do NOT match and we cannot accept them.  
$60 Fee to roll.  Credit/Debit or Apple Pay
     What do I need?  
Level One:  Chaperones, Day Trips
     Fingerprints (DOJ/FBI)
     TB Clearance
     Mandated Reporter Training
Level Two:  Overnight Chaperones
     Fingerprints (DOJ/FBI)
     TB Clearance
     Keenan Training Module **
Level Three:  Teachers, Classified
     Fingerprints (DOJ/FBI)
     TB Clearance
     Keenan Training Module **
Level Four:  Coaches(Teachers/Classified/Walk on Coaches)
     Fingerprints (DOJ/FBI)
     TB Clearance
     Coaches Full Certification Course
     CPR/First Aid/AED
     Sudden Cardiac Arrest
     Heat Illness
     Concussion Training
     Keenan Training Module **
     *Cheer Coaches Certification (Cheer coaches only)
**Keenan Training Modules
  • Boundary Invasion 
  • Bullying: Recognition and Response 
  • Cyberbullying 
  • Discrimination Awareness in the workplace 
  • Email Messaging Safety 
  • Grooming Part 1 
  • Grooming Part 2 
  • Human Trafficking Awareness
  • Making Schools Safe and Inclusive for LGBTQ Students 
  • Mandated Reporter: Child Abuse and Neglect 
  • Sexual Harassment Prevention for Non-Managers Training SB 1343 
  • Students Experiencing Homelessness 
  • Youth Suicide: Awareness, Prevention, and Postvention