Migrant Education Program


The Migrant Education Program (MEP) is funded by the Office of Migrant Education of the U.S Department of Education under the Title I of the Elementary and Secondary Act.The California Plan for the Education of Migrant Children provides supplementary educational services to children of migrant agricultural workers, as well as those working in logging, fishing and other migratory industries in our nation.

The Primary goal of the Kern High School District Migrant Program (MEP) is to ensure that all Migrant students reach challenging academic standards AND graduate with a high school diploma or complete a GED that prepares them for responsible citizenship, further learning, and productive employment.


District Contact Information:


Melissa Donez, Director, Instructional Services [email protected]
Carolina Pena, Administrator of Migrant Program [email protected]
Kern High School District
5801 Sundale Avenue, Bakersfield, CA
Call The National Hotline for Migrant Families


Migratory / seasonal farmworkers and their families can call FREE in the USA and Puerto Rico for information and referrals regarding: education (children and adults), health, shelter, food, clothing and unexpected problems and emergencies.