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Parent Advisory Committees

The KHSD is required to establish a district advisory committee (called the DPAC in KHSD) and each school in the district is required to establish a corresponding school advisory committee (SAC: typically called Title I Advisory Committee) for the purpose of advising districts and schools regarding compensatory education programs (like Title I). The laws that require this include California Education Code (EC) 64001 and Title 5 of the California Code of Regulations (CCR), Section 4423.

These councils (committees) are to include a broad representation of the parent population served by the district (or school) including socio-economic and ethnic groups represented in the district/school attendance area. Parents are to constitute the majority of the membership in the district advisory committee with parent representatives being elected by the parents of pupils residing in the district who are participating in the Title I Program (or any other district compensatory education program).

The DPAC is required to certify that the KHSD Consolidated Application and Reporting System (CARS) for categorical funds was developed with review and advice from the DPAC and DELAC. It is important to note that the district advisory committees are not charged with approving the KHSD CARS, but with affirming (certifying) that the committees provided advice and review in the development of the KHSD CARS.