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Walk On Coaching
1.  Contact a school's Athletic Director
2.  Contact School Support Services at the District Office  (661) 827-3376
Requirements to become a Walk on Coach Volunteer:
1.  WOC Volunteer coaches packet(Picked up in School Support Services at the KHSD)
2.  Fingerprinting (DOJ/FBI) bring:
Drivers License
Social Security Card
Rolling fee can be paid by bank card  
3.  Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation and First Aid (both free through KHSD) 
     Automated External Defibrillator (free through KHSD included with KHSD CPR/First Aid)
          Ca Ed Code 49417
4.  Sudden Cardiac Arrest training                   (Click here FREE)
          Ca Ed Code 33479-33479.9, AB 1639
5.  Mandated Reporter Training                       (Click here M.R.T. FREE)
          Ca Ed Code 44691                                  * Select School Personnel
          California Penal Code 11165.7
6.  Concussion Training                                    (Click here Concussion FREE)
          Ca Ed Code 49475, AB 2127      
7.  Coaches Full Certification Course(one time class)
        Free through Kern High School District; offered three times per year or
                                                                            (Click here) Select California component for $50
          Ca Ed Code 35179.1 also known as the 1998 California High School Coaching Education and Training Program