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The Kern High School District offers competitive salaries determined by experience position. For more information, please see classified salary schedule below.
The Kern High School District provides generous and comprehensive benefits to employees and eligible dependents, including retirement, medical, dental, vision, and life insurance. 
Current Openings
Please visit or Current Openings page to view all classified positions.
We appreciate your interest in our District, and provide the following information relative to our application process. We accept applications only when there is a posted vacancy. An application must be submitted for each position. Applications are available at the following website:

The application process takes about 30-45 minutes to complete, once you have an application on file you can continue to use that application to apply for most positions in the district.


The application can be accessed from any Internet connected computer:

Our policy is to fill each position with the best candidate available while considering the District’s commitment to equal opportunity employment. Because of the large number of applicants for many of our jobs, it is not possible to interview everyone. Each application is carefully reviewed to ensure the training and/or experience of the applicants selected for interview meet the requirements of the job description. Usually, within 10 working days after the application filing date, applicants are contacted by telephone if they have been selected for an interview.

If you are selected for a position:
  1. You will need to have fingerprints taken and processed at your expense and will not begin working until the results are returned from the California Department of Justice.
  2. You will need to have a skin test or chest x-ray taken, at your expense, to verify that you are free from active tuberculosis. This will need to be done within 10 days of your first day of employment.
  3. You will contribute 7% of your gross monthly salary to the Public Employees’ Retirement System, if you work 4 hours or more per day.
  4. You will contribute a prorated share of your gross monthly salary to Social Security.
  5. You will be eligible for insurance if you work 4 hours or more daily. If working less than 8 hours, you will be required to pay a portion of the premium.
You will be paid on the final workday of each month if you receive a monthly wage and on the 15th day of each month if you receive an hourly wage.

Please Note: If you need to obtain a typing certificate, you may contact Bakersfield Adult School. Each Tuesday at 3:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m., Bakersfield Adult School offers the opportunity to take a typing test for a $10.00 cash fee.

Currently we have two computer stations in our office for online applications. If those are full, you can use any computer, with an Internet connection, any place in the world to access our application site:

Need to use a computer?

Free computer use at: Kern County Library

All branches have computers for public use, but you must apply for a FREE library card to use their computer.