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Current Events

Swearing in Ceremony for 3 new KHSD PD Officers



Three new officers have joined the ranks of the Kern High School District Police Department (KHSDPD). A swearing-in ceremony was held on Tuesday, August 18, 2017, welcoming the new employees and their friends and families. Acting Chief Ed Komin shared words of advice with the officers.


“Our agency has a bright and exciting future. Be proud of your past accomplishments but take great pride in joining this agency.” – Acting Chief Ed Komin, KHSDPD


The new officers have decades of experience in local law enforcement and excelled in a variety of previous assignments.


Bryan Armendariz graduated from West High School and will be returning to the campus in his new role.


Steve Chisholm has been assigned to the Kern Valley High School campus and is already making a positive impact on the community with plans for events and mentoring programs.


Marisol Earnest will be reporting to Foothill High School and is excited about this new chapter in her career.


“There is no higher calling than protecting our young people. Thank you for joining us in this endeavor.” - Acting Chief Ed Komin, KHSDPD


Congratulations Officer Armendariz, Officer Chisholm, and Officer Earnest!

Recognition for KHSD Police Officer

Officer Shane Dishman was selected as the Veterans of Foreign Wars Officer of the Year for both Kern Valley High School and Kern County.


He was recognized at a special ceremony at the VFW hall in Bakersfield in  January, where he received Certificates of Appreciation and was awarded $350.  He spent $50 of that money buying a stranger groceries at the supermarket and says he will most likely use the rest to help those who need it, too.


Officer Dishman says he likes being given the opportunity to improve lives in a positive manner every single day, and he strives to make someone’s day better as often as possible.  Officer Dishman is currently the KHSD Truancy Officer and has been with the District for 19 years.


Congratulations Officer Dishman!



A new organization driven to serve others and make our community a better place has its’ very own set of wheels. The Kern High School District Police Department Police Activities League (KHSDPD PAL) now has a spiffy way to transport students to all the wonderful functions across the county where they are volunteering their time at numerous events.


Pictured with the KHSDPD PAL Van:

Althaira Rodriguez – Golden Valley High School PAL President

Ed Komin – Acting Chief and KHSDPD PAL President

Laisah Loaisiga – Golden Valley High School PAL Vice President

Officer John Money – KHSDPD PAL Director