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Vehicle Safety Tips for Students

  • Be aware of your speed when driving near any school. The speed limit around any school in California is 25 mph. VC 22352(b)(2). KHSD Police, along with officers from our allied law enforcement agencies enforce this important safety law vigorously.
  • The speed limit in any KSHD parking lot is 15 mph. Drivers can be cited for driving in a reckless manner or driving at an unsafe speed while in a parking lot. Use caution when driving in parking lots and be aware of students and staff walking to vehicles, especially before and after school.
  • Obey all rules of the road while driving in your vehicle. Any unsafe action or illegal activity can be reported and appropriate action will be taken by the school, the Kern High School District Police Department or other local law enforcement agency.
  • Get permission from your parents before transporting anyone in your vehicle. Make sure your friend’s parents have approved them being in your car with you as well. You can save yourself and your friends a lot of grief if something unforeseen were to happen.
  • Park your vehicles in the appropriate student parking lots only. Schools have signs posted in designated areas that state “Staff Parking Only”. Students parked in these parking zones will be cited. VC 21113(a).
  • Lock your vehicles at all times when parked. The schools and the Kern High School District are not liable or responsible for theft or damage to your vehicle while parked on school grounds. Our school grounds and parking lots are patrolled throughout the day by school security and our police officers and appropriate action is taken to discipline and/or prosecute any offenders when apprehended.
  • Leave all valuables at home. Leaving valuables and expensive items in vehicles can be an invitation for someone to take them.
  • Do not bring any illegal contraband, weapons or dangerous objects to school at any time and place them in your vehicle. While your vehicle is parked on campus during school hours or during a school related activity, you and your vehicle are subject to search at any time if reasonable cause exists that you may be in possession of any type of illegal contraband, weapon or dangerous object.
  • Report any suspicious or unusual activity observed around the parking lots. Your friends will appreciate it very much, especially if your action prevents them from being a victim of an unfortunate incident.