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New Teacher Support

Mission Statement
New Teacher Support will create and utilize structures that maintain program accreditation and support new teachers in the advancement of their credentialing and development as professional educators.  
We provide support to Kern High School District teachers who are not fully credentialed in the following New Teacher Support programs:
Kern High Induction Program (KHIP)
University Intern
Designated Subjects Adult Education
Designated Subjects CTE 
Mentors are provided to candidates in all New Teacher Support Programs within the first 30 days of the participant's enrollment in the program.  Mentors and candidates are matched according to credentials held, grade level and/or subject area, as appropriate to the participant's employment.
All mentors possess a Clear Teaching Credential and hold permanent status with the district.  They are current classroom teachers with a minimum of three years of teaching experience in the district.  All mentors have demonstrated a commitment to their own professional learning and are fully committed to the process of collaboration. 
Mentors enjoy confidential, professional relationships with their candidates and agree to assist each candidate through a minimum of one hour of direct support per week.  Mentors express the ability, willingness, and flexibility to meet each candidate's individual needs.  Mentors are provided support for individual mentoring challenges, reflection on mentoring practice, and opportunities to engage with mentoring peers in professional learning networks.
Mentors are trained in the following:
  • effective coaching and mentoring practices
  • goal-setting
  • the use of appropriate mentoring instruments for each candidate's program
  • best practices in adult learning
  • program processes designed to support candidate growth and effectiveness
Equity and Non-Discrimination Policy
All program requirements and opportunities comply with the KHSD Board Approved Equity and Non-Discrimination Policies.
Complaint Process
New Teacher Support Complaint Process is presented in all program orientations.