The Joint Committee is comprised of three certificated classroom teachers who are appointed by the Kern High School Teachers Association and three certificated administrators designated by the District.

Oversight and guidance of the Teacher Peer Review and Learning to Teach programs (KHIP, Intern, or PIP/STSP) is provided through the Joint Committee. The Joint Committee is responsible for the selection of Subject Matter Facilitators, Mentors. In addition, the Joint Committee creates the protocols and direct program expenditures for staff development activities related to Title II. The Joint Committee is allocated money annually from Title II grant funds for the implementation of staff development activities that support the LEA Plan.

During the last several years, the Joint Committee has designated Site Coaches as Professional Development Leaders (PDL). Each school site may have a maximum of two PDLs. Teachers meeting the necessary qualifications interested in filling vacancies for PDL positions at school sites, may submit a formal application to the Joint Committee. A final acceptance decision is by consensus of members of the Joint Committee.