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Translation & Interpretation Services

Thank you for striving to support KHSD’s ESL families with their needs. Our Public Information Office is committed to ensuring that translation and interpretation services are conveniently accessible to the district office and our school sites. Please submit the following form(s) if you would like to request our translation and/or interpretation services.

Translation Request Form (written documents)

Interpretation Request Form (oral communication)


Guidelines for Translation Requests (written documents):

  1. Make sure the document is final and text and an Administrator/Supervisor approves text before submitting it for translation.
  2. Translation requests are processed on a first come, first served basis; however, emergency notices and district level documents will be prioritized.
  3. Please allow a minimum of two weeks to complete your request.
  4. Documents should be submitted in an editable format such as: Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Publisher, Google Docs, Canva Design Flyers (with a shared link).  Short 4-page PDFs will be accepted.
  5. Copyrighted material cannot be translated.
  6. Please be aware that translations from English to Spanish will be longer. On average, a minimum of 25% increase in vocabulary; therefore, your document may be longer.

Guidelines for Interpretation Requests (oral communication):

  1. Interpretation requests must have department head, principal, or designee approval.
  2. Interpretation requests are processed on a first come, first served basis; however, district level requests will be prioritized.
  3. Supporting documentation is imperative for the interpreter to understand and therefore convey your message effectively. These may include flyers, PowerPoint presentations, topic-related videos, pamphlets, etc.
  4. If you are requesting remote Zoom interpretation, please be sure to set up the “language channel” while creating your zoom link invitation (We will be glad to assist you with this after you complete the above “Interpretation Request Form”)
  5. If your conference or public event is longer than one hour, interpreters will work in a team so that a higher level of accuracy can be maintained as interpreters are less likely to experience fatigue. Additionally, the non-active interpreter will provide support if there are any technical difficulties.

Guidelines for Voiceovers and Subtitles:

  1. Please provide a script for your video/subtitles.
  2. “Raw” footage or “Source footage” of the video must be submitted along with your request.
  1. Please allow a minimum of two weeks to complete your request (depending on the length and time of your video, it could take longer).
  2. These types of requests can be submitted through the “Translation Request Form link above.

Resources such as glossaries, online dictionaries, and useful links are available to our KHSD staff members who are providing support to our ESL families at the different school sites. See the link below for more details:

Resources for Bilingual Support Staff