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Definition of Terms

BEHAVIOR AGREEMENT: Placing a student on a trial basis because of prior conditions; must meet specified conditions for a given period of time.

TRANSFER TO ANOTHER SCHOOL: A student may be transferred to another class in the same school.

DETENTION: Keeping a student in custody for a defined period of time in special rooms under staff supervision.

PARTICIPATION DENIAL: Preventing the student from participating in school activities.

SUSPENSION: Temporary denial of class and/or school attendance for causes of action committed on school property, school buses, at school functions, or elsewhere. Usually students are referred by teachers to the appropriate administrator for disciplinary actions if the students are unresponsive to normal classroom and/or school expectations of behavior. A principal or designee may suspend a student for up to five days. A teacher may suspend a student for the remainder of the class in which the misbehavior occurred and for the next day’s class. A suspension may be extended under certain conditions. There are two kinds of suspension – on-campus suspension and home suspension. Students placed on home suspension are not permitted on or near the school campus, nor are they allowed to participate in any school activities during suspension. They may, however, be required to complete assignments and tests which will be made available to them through an intermediary.

INVOLUNTARY TRANSFER: The involuntary transfer of a student to a KHSD continuation school or program for disciplinary reasons, and for a defined period of time. Such transfers may be conducted in accordance with law and KHSD regulation. [E.C. 48432.5]

EXPULSION: Action by the KHSD Board of Trustees to deny the right of school attendance with a time limit. [E.C. 48915-48918] The expulsion is for a defined period of time, but an application for re-admission must be considered within a specified time period. State law provides for due process and rights to appeal any order of expulsion.

EXEMPTION: Action to eliminate the requirement of compulsory school attendance; not related to misconduct. [E.C. 48220, 48221, 48410]

EXCLUSION: Action by the Board of Trustees to discontinue attendance for either a definite or indefinite period of time. [E.C. 46010.5, 48211, 48212]