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Expected Student Behavior

The Board of Trustees of KHSD, in support of public education and the exercise of general supervision of the secondary schools of the District, believes that the conduct of students attending the high schools must establish an educational climate conducive for the furtherance of educational opportunities for youth and the promotion of learning. To assure this aim, the people of the State have empowered local boards of education to regulate student conduct.

The governing board of any school district shall prescribe rules not inconsistent with law or with the rules prescribed by the State Board of Education, for the government and discipline of the schools under its jurisdiction. [E.C. 35291]

All pupils shall comply with the regulations, pursue the required course of study, and submit to the authority of the teachers of the schools. [E.C. 48908]

There is a place and an appropriate educational program in our schools for every student interested in pursuing an education. The law requires attendance of youth between certain ages and the public has, through numerous legislative enactments, expressed its will that educational opportunities shall be provided for all.

A student shall not be disciplined, suspended, involuntarily transferred, or recommended for expulsion unless the Superintendent, a designee or the principal of the school in which the student is enrolled determines the student has violated one or more parts of the Code of Conduct.

A student may be disciplined, suspended, or expelled for acts enumerated in the Code of Conduct, as set forth in applicable KHSD policies and regulations, which are related to school activity or school attendance occurring at any district school or within any other school district, including, but not limited to, any of the following:
  1. While on school grounds.
  2. While going to or coming from school.
  3. During the lunch period whether on or off campus.
  4. During, while going to, or coming from a school-sponsored activity
  5. For conduct which occurs after school hours and off District property, but which is reasonably likely to cause or causes a substantial disruption of a school activity or attendance.
Disciplinary consequences include, but are not limited to, detention, suspension and expulsion.

To the extent possible, staff shall use disciplinary strategies that keep students in school and participating in the instructional program. Alternative means of correction and disciplinary strategies shall be used consistent with KHSD policy, regulation and applicable law. [E.C. 48900(v), 48900.5]