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Contract Administration

The Contract Administration department is responsible for the review, coordination, administration and management of contracts for the Kern High School District. Contract Coordinators maintain the advertising, bidding and contracts in conformance with the State of California Public Contract Code and other statutory requirements for all competitively bid public construction projects for new and expanding school sites and non-construction projects. The services include, but are not limited to:
  • Coordination with District Project Managers and contractors doing business with the District
  • Preparation of Bid Documents
  • The issuance of plans, specifications and addenda
  • Conduct public bid openings
  • Evaluation of bid documents to assist in determining the lowest responsible/responsive bidder
  • Preparing recommendations for Board of Trustees approval
  • Execution of Contract Documents
  • Maintain project documents
  • Agreement For School Event Services (PDF)
  Contract Administration Staff


Sandy Castorena

Position: Contracts Coordinator

Phone: (661) 827-3321



John Cronen

Position: Contracts Coordinator

Phone: (661) 827-3210



Lisa Jacobs

Position: Contracts Coordinator

Phone: (661) 827-3355



Kristan McWhorter

Position:  Contracts Coordinator

Phone: (661) 827-3208




Debbie Allen

PositionSecretary II - Contracts

Phone(661) 827-3274

The team of contract coordinators is committed to providing excellent service for the Kern High School District and to improving assistance to the business community.