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Student Discipline Policies

This summary of the KHSD policies and regulations on student discipline is given to all of our parents and students in the Annual Notice to Parents/Guardians. We want to make certain that students, parents and staff understand that school regulations governing discipline are based on written rules. Each staff member of KHSD who works with students and parents has been given the opportunity to read and understand these rules and regulations.

Copies of the KHSD’s policies and regulations regarding student discipline can be found at the links on the bottom of this page and are kept at each school and may be examined there by patrons and students. It is our hope that these rules and regulations will help our schools to carry on in the best tradition and without interrupting their main function – that of giving each student the best education possible. The complete California Education Code may be secured on the web at

Consistent with the Education Code, KHSD policies and regulations on student discipline clearly spell out unacceptable actions by students against persons or property. It is also designed to protect the constitutional rights of students. In recent years the courts have emphasized the constitutional principle that students do have certain rights when they attend our schools. Such rights include freedom of expression, speech, and equal educational opportunity. Along with these rights come additional responsibilities on the part of the students. The staff of the school system will work with the students to help them understand their rights and responsibilities and to grow to maturity with additional respect for fairness, justice and truth.

When students are suspended or expelled from school or school activities, we take this action to protect the physical safety of other students or staff or to ensure that classroom instruction is continued without interference. The general safety, well-being, and educational goals of all students must be considered along with the rights and responsibilities of each individual.

Prior to a student being suspended, an informal conference is normally held by the school site dean of students, other school site administrator, or site administrator’s designee. At this conference, the allegations will be discussed and the student may present his/her version and evidence in their defense.

Parents/guardians will be notified by mail stating the education code violation for which the suspension was ordered. The parents will be invited to the school to discuss the matter.

California law permits suspension from school and school activities for a period of five days, except while waiting for action by juvenile court or the Board of Trustees, when time may be extended.

Students may also be involuntarily transferred to a KHSD continuation site, pursuant to the rights and procedures set forth in E.C. 48432.5.

In expulsion cases, a full hearing is given to each student. This is held before an administrative hearing panel. The facts of each case are carefully reviewed in this hearing and findings from the administrative panel are presented to the Board of Trustees in closed session with a recommendation. Final action is taken by the Board of Trustees in open session.