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KHSD Focus Areas and Goals

KHSD Focus Areas and Goals


KHSD will strive to assist families with parenting skills, family support, understanding child and adolescent development, and setting home conditions to support learning at each age and grade level. KHSD will work with community partners to assist schools in understanding families’ backgrounds, cultures, and goals for students


KHSD will communicate with families about school programs and student progress. Create two-way communication channels between school and home.


KHSD will strive to improve recruitment, training, activities, and schedules to involve families as volunteers and as audiences at the school or in other locations. Enable educators to work with volunteers who support students and the school.

Learning at Home

KHSD will always strive to involve families with their student in academic learning at home, including homework, project-based learning, goal setting, and other curriculum-related activities. KHSD will encourage teachers to design homework that enables students to share and discuss interesting tasks.

Decision Making

KHSD will include families as participants in school decisions, governance, and advocacy activities through school councils or improvement teams, committees, and parent organizations.

Collaboration/Partnerships with the Community

KHSD will focus on coordination of services, leveraging of existing district and community resources/partnerships, and alignments of systems to benefit students and families. KHSD will coordinate resources and services for families, students, and the school with community groups, including businesses, agencies, cultural and civic organizations, and colleges or universities. Enable all to contribute service to the community.