Complaints Regarding the Kern High School Police Department/Officer(s)


The Kern High School District Police Department is dedicated to serving the public with honesty, integrity and transparency.  All KHSD Police Officers are thoroughly trained and undergo an extensive background process before starting work as a KHSD Police Officer.  High standards of performance are rigidly enforced.  However, deviations from ideal performance can occur.  All allegations of officer misconduct are objectively and thoroughly investigated and appropriate measures are taken in order to maintain the Department’s high standards of professionalism.


Any person may bring a complaint against any member of the KHSD Police Department. Complaints may be made via mail, email, telephone or in person.  Complaints may also be made anonymously.


How to File a Complaint


Any person wishing to file a complaint in person or mail may contact the KHSD police at:


KHSD Police Department

5801 Sundale Ave.

Bakersfield, CA 93309


Persons wishing to file a complaint by telephone should call the Chief of Police at:




Persons wishing to file a complaint via email may also contact the Chief of Police at:


[email protected]


In order to obtain the necessary information to properly investigate the complaint, complainants will be asked to complete the KHSD Police Personnel Complaint form.


Once a complaint is received, the complaint will be reviewed by the Chief of Police and assigned for investigation.  Upon completion, the case will be referred to the Chief of Police for final disposition and appropriate action.  The complaining party will then be notified that the investigation is completed and will be notified in writing of the final disposition of the allegations (Sustained, Not Sustained, Unfounded or Exonerated).  Further specifics, such as the nature of any disciplinary action that may or may not be taken, cannot be divulged. 





KHSD Police Department Personnel Complaint Form