Independent Study

How much work will I have to do?

You will do the same amount of work you would do in a regular classroom situation. The difference is that you will complete your assignments at home, come to your scheduled appointment once a week to turn in your assignments and have them graded, get your new assignments and take tests periodically as scheduled.

You will receive a textbook, course assignment sheet, and instructions that are fully explained when you meet with your teacher. If you have any questions or concerns between appointments, you should contact your teacher to request additional help. The independent studies staff will provide instruction and encouragement, but the student must supply the self-discipline and motivation to make sure all work is completed.

Myths about independent studies
  • The work assigned is very easy
  • Little or no homework is required
  • You won’t be tested on assignments
  • You will have lots of “free time” since you only attend school once a week
  • You can meet with your teacher anytime you want and just “drop in” anytime you want
  • You can work at your own pace
What are the requirements to be considered for independent studies and how do I apply?

Each school site has an administrator in charge of screening students eligible for independent studies. You will need to meet with the administrator in charge of this process. School sites have limited independent studies seats, so not every applicant will be accepted.

Students who succeed in independent studies:
  • Have the ability to read quite well
  • Have enough self-discipline and motivation to finish all assignments without anyone telling them to do so
  • Are willing to complete all assignments, even when they are not sure if all parts are correct and willing to ask their teacher for help
  • Have the ability to listen to instructions and information from a teacher who is not present and/or available on a daily basis.