Welcome to the Human Resources Division

The Kern High School District is dedicated to the mission of maximizing student success. Whether in the capacity of providing bus service, hot lunches, clean facilities, safe campuses, or competent classroom instruction and support, Kern High School District employees make the difference!

Annual Notice of Important Policies
This is your annual reminder to review important Kern High School District policies which apply to all employees.  Please take the time to read these policies.  The District Board Policies are attached.  Adherence to these policies by all Kern High School District employees is mandated.
  • Our Payroll team and HR team are monitoring an email address to answer any questions you may have about your most recent paycheck.  Please email your question to [email protected].
  • Do you have questions about documents you need to submit?  Questions about when your next increment will be or where are you placed on the salary schedule? Any questions relating to HR please email [email protected] and our team will get back to you as soon as possible.