Educational Services

Within the Kern High School District's (KHSD) Educational Services department, there are many new initiatives of which to be excited.  We are committed to seeking out creative and innovative educational options so that students have a plethora of opportunities before them.  Please read below to get an overview of just a few of the exciting programs that we are working on in the Educational Services department.   

The KHSD’s collaboration with local post-secondary institutions (Bakersfield College, Cerro Coso College, and California State University, Bakersfield) has continued to flourish, which is in part exhibited by the expansion of Dual Enrollment opportunities for students.  The dramatic increase in Dual Enrollment courses is indicative of more students having equitable access to college and increased opportunities for post-secondary exposure.  Please visit the Dual Enrollment webpage for further information.


Additionally, Career and Technical Education (CTE) is a priority of the KHSD Board of Trustees and KHSD Superintendency.  Because of this renewed focus on teaching students industry-specific skills within high-quality CTE programs, students are gaining exposure to robust and emerging industries.  Through the KHSD CTE expansion efforts, new CTE programs, a new Career Technical Education Center (CTEC) at Independence High School , and increased capacity/remodeling at the current Regional Occupational Center (ROC), the KHSD will offer more opportunities to students like never before.  Please visit the CTE webpage for further information.  


Providing opportunities for all students is a hallmark of the Alternative Education and Educational Options departments.  Students are currently benefitting from these modes of instruction, and as time passes, we are confident these departments will serve even more students.  For a variety reasons, many students thrive in a non-traditional educational setting.  Be it in a smaller continuation school environment or an online-blended learning platform (Kern Learn), students have increased options to learn.  Please visit the Alternative Education and Educational Options webpages for more information on these unique and creative learning environments.