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Educational Options

Educational Options is a new division under the Kern High School District (KHSD) Educational Services department.  The creation of Educational Options is to look at creative and innovative educational alternatives for our students, at all educational levels.  Giving students the tools and support need to overcome any barriers to their educational experience.  Through alternative delivery methods to connecting parents and families to resources in order to help them.

Keeping students in school is integral to their personal and academic success.  The Kern High School district has developed a program and team of people to help students and parents greatly reduce/minimize the amount of absences.  This team provides a number of resources for students and parents. Just recently, through KHSD’s attendance outreach efforts, the California Department of Education recognized KHSD’s Student Attendance Review Board as a Model for the State.  Since then, members of our Truancy Outreach Team have been presenters at State Truancy Conferences and have brought our first ever truancy conference to Kern County.


Additionally, the newly formed Educational Options division, created a blended learning model that combines online learning and face-to-face education called Kern Learn.  Giving parents and students more control of their educational options. The Kern Learn program is a blended learning option for students enrolled in the KHSD. Kern Learn offers an alternative option to students that are interest in internet-based learning with a highly qualified staff. Kern Learn students can still participate in activities are the comprehensive site they are attached to.

The Educational Options Division also oversees Home/Hospital Instruction and Independent studies.  KHSD’s Home/Hospital program provides a unique opportunity to students that require an alternative education program based on a temporary disability.

Bryan Campoy - Educational Options Administrator

 Bryan Campoy
Director of Innovative Programs