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Business Administration

The Kern High School District enrollment is over 40,000 students that span throughout Kern County and surrounding areas. Each of our campuses and support programs are unique to their location and need, and through a collaborative effort of regular communication and support personnel, we strive to maintain and provide assistance to each of the facilities.
It is the goal of the Business Administration office to successfully facilitate the needs of our campuses with KHSD Support Facility Divisions and their personnel. We also strive to provide a mechanism for our community of support and a central area to facilitate business or facility related inquiries.

The Business Administration office also oversees the Regulations and Charges for Community Use of Facilities. This generally includes groups and organizations throughout the community who wish to utilize or rent a KHSD facility. Each of the campuses keeps a facility master schedule unique to their academic, athletic and activity schedule needs. The Business Administration office processes all of the billing, invoicing and any other questions regarding the use of a KHSD facility. If a group is interested in utilizing one of the KHSD facilities or campuses we encourage communication between the group and the school site or program. In addition, we are always available to help facilitate the use of or answer any questions regarding the use of a KHSD facility.

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact us directly at 661-827-3145
 Zach McNinch 
Director of Business Administration