COVID-19 Information

Kern High School District is committed providing safe high quality in-person learning experiences. This page allows the Kern High community to access the KHSD COVID Safety Plan, Daily Health Self-Screening Tool, along with information on vaccination clinics, COVID testing, and other resources. We'd like to make the community aware of the substantial measures we have put into place to protect the safety of all students and staff this year, including:
  • Upgraded HVAC filtration from MERV 8 to MERV 13 
  • Bipolar Ionization units and HEPA Air Purifiers is targeted areas such as hallways without HVAC, weight rooms, and band/choir rooms 
  • Face masks (cloth, disposable, or N95) are available to all staff and students
  • Hand sanitizer in every classroom
  • Handwashing stations and cleaning wipes in multiple locations
  • Cleaning and disinfecting protocols, including electrostatic sprayers on campuses and buses
  • Isolation and quarantine protocols per CDC and CPDH guidance
  • Rapid antigen COVID tests are available at the District Office to all staff and students
  • At-home tests may be used if exposed or symptomatic to determine if positive.