Collaboration Through Music


The “Real Men Sing” workshop brought together over 600 young men from high schools and junior high/middle schools in Kern County.


Overview of Real Men Sing event at BHS.


    “This event is just awesome. It is a great way to engage with the singing

community.” - Ryan Clippinger, Choir Director, Arvin High School


Students worked with a guest clinician on singing technique, teamwork and the importance of music in our lives. The guest clinician this year was Steven Hankle, Ph.D., from the Pennsylvania State School of Music.


Dr. Hankle working with KHSD students.


    “Dr. Hankle is a model for our young men about how success is possible with focus, effort, and determination in music, in a career, in life.” - Jenepher Lapp, KHSD Choral Representative


The following week, it was the ladies turn, as the “Real Women Sing” event took center stage.  Nearly 900 young women from high schools across Kern County gathered to explore music and goodwill throughout our community.


KHSD ladies working with Dr. Amrein


    “This is so inspiring. It is a powerful experience to be a part of a group singing like this and have a director of this caliber show us what could be.” - Christy Rohayem, Choir Director, East Bakersfield High School


Dr. Emilie Amrein, the Director of Choral Activities at San Diego University, was the guest clinician. In addition to music, Dr. Amrein’s interests include community engagement and service learning.


Dr. Amrein on stage with KHSD students


    “Dr. Amrein is a wonderful role-model for our young women. We are so pleased that our students have the opportunity to learn from this highly acclaimed vocalist, conductor, and clinician.” Jenepher Lapp, KHSD Choral Representative


Performance for Choir Directors


There was a moment at the end of the event where Dr. Amrein invited all the Choir Directors on stage and thanked them for the time they spent enhancing music education for their students. The event culminated as Dr. Armein had the students sing to their instructors in an emotional, heartfelt performance.


Students working on lyrics and technique.