Changing Culture on Campus

You have the power. It’s a simple message with a big impact. Student leaders gathered for a special Leadership Development Day on the campus of Golden Valley High School.


Students groups collaborate at GVHS


They represented various sports, clubs, and the student body at large, and spent the day together working toward a common goal of showing these students the impact they can have on the climate and culture of their campus.


The presentation is underway!


Examining cultural competencies combined with high energy activities were designed to give the students the tools they need to be effective leaders. Athletic Director Robert Haskell and Activities Director Valerie Black organized the leadership opportunity along with the California Association of Student Leaders.


    “I want the students to understand the influence they have on campus and with their peers. We can focus on how we are similar instead of different and the power these students have to truly promote change.” - Valerie Black, Activities Director, GVHS


Administration and students at GVHS

David Celio is the Senior Class President at GVHS who enjoyed meeting new people and found the event truly valuable.


    “We are raising issues, busting stereotypes, breaking down walls and taking us out of our comfort zones.” - David Celio, Senior Class President, GVHS


Bishop Union High School brought 18 students to take part in the event adding to the collaboration and networking opportunities.


Signage from the leadership event at GVHS