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The Future of Medicine is Here!

Students go through a lot of athletic tape in Valarie Labrentz’s classroom at Shafter High School (ShHS). That’s the best way, after all, to learn the finer points of how to properly care for certain injuries and to train our students for careers in some fields related to the fitness and medical industries.


Additional taping, class expereinces

Mrs. Labrentz is the instructor for Essentials of Personal Fitness Training and Prevention and Care of Athletic Injuries. This is the second year these courses have been offered at ShHS, and they are increasingly popular Career Technical Education options for students.


Brianna taping up students


Brianna Gauna is a junior at ShHs who says she likes the class and especially the part where she is learning how to help people. Brianna is also considering a career in the personal fitness field.


Stephanie taping up fellow students


Stephanie Aviles is a senior who says she’s learned more about communication and the importance of interaction with people. Stephanie understands the communication skills she's learning in the class will be beneficial to her future.


More taping exercies


Many students in these classes are athletes themselves and have gained a better understanding of injury prevention. Because of this class, they are taking better care of themselves to be prepared for excellence on the field, court, or track.


Group taping activities


Labrentz is very invested in her students and her community. She is a Shafter High School grad and former ShHS General basketball player who is excited to see her students’ growth and development.

“The lightbulbs are going off! Everything we do is practical for these students. We learn CPR, First Aid, and exercise techniques. All aspects of this field of study. Then we take what we learned in the classroom, and we have the students do what they’ve learned either through volunteering with our student athletes or in our classrooms or weight rooms.” – Valarie Labrentz, Shafter High School


Showing off the


You will find these first and second-year students standing by to lend a hand with their gear at football games on Friday nights, cross country track meets, and ShHS volleyball games.


Students and their supply closet.


Courses on Essentials of Personal Fitness Training and Prevention and Care of Athletic Injuries are also taught at Independence High School and the Regional Occupational Center. Labrentz says she appreciates the professional learning community formed with her follow instructors and the tremendous student benefits attributed to these highly specialized, hands-on career pathways.


Photos of students practicing taping