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Traffic Enforcement Enhancing Student Safety

KHSD PD Officers assigned to the traffic unit will use hand-held Department LIDAR units to enforce speed laws during those times when students and staff are likely traveling to and from school.  Officers will use the units to enforce speed laws within the designated 25 mile-per-hour school zones surrounding Kern High School District campuses only.  Such enforcement efforts will occur when students are present on the sidewalk, roadway or other areas surrounding the school, and their presence will be noted on any issued citations.

LIDAR enforcement before school hours

Officers enforcing speed regulations surrounding District sites will issue citations or warnings as appropriate, keeping in mind the goal to promote safe and cautious driving in the areas surrounding Kern High School District campuses.

Traffic Enforcement at West High School

The District has taken the additional step of purchasing a speed warning trailer in its ongoing effort to promote safe driving near our school sites.  This mobile trailer will be placed at the various school site speed zones on a rotational basis and will display the passing motorists’ speed as they drive past the trailer.  The trailer will display a warning that the driver is going through a 25 mph school zone and is intended to serve as a deterrent and a reminder to slow down while driving through a school zone.

Speed checks at campuses.

The Lidar enforcement began on August 25, 2017.  The trailer is currently being outfitted by the District and should be in use within the next two weeks.