KHSD Teacher Week at Aera Energy

Instructors from various schools and science programs throughout the KHSD dedicated an entire week to collaborate with Aera Energy for a hands-on experience covering curriculum development, tours and presentations on a wide range of subjects from safety to engineering and production practices.

Educators and STEM professionals

     “This is a ‘real life’ application that can be directly implemented in science classes, especially in the inquiry setting.  Getting a chance to interact with the various STEM professionals and then getting a more hands-on view from the field, stimulated a lot of ideas for classroom connections.” – Kenelee Henderson, KHSD Instructional Services

Petroleum products

The KHSD Science teachers who participated also commented on the very high importance team work plays in the problem solving process at Aera. This summer’s collaboration with Aera Energy and Aera STEM professionals is a tremendous opportunity to work with our partners in local STEM industries, making the concepts of our science programs more relevant for our community and for the career paths of our students.

Aera working with KHSD teachers

Oil industry display