Upcoming Boundary Changes for 2018-2019


Proposed Boundary Changes for 2018-2019

Questions and Answers


Who decides which high school my child will attend?


The Kern High School District School Board makes the final decisions on school attendance boundaries and has established a process for receiving community advice regarding the boundary plan. The Superintendent forms a committee composed of parents from each high school and community representatives. This committee develops proposals for school boundaries based on a set of criteria approved by the Board. The committee recommends a proposal to the Superintendent. The Superintendent makes a determination as to whether this proposal best meets Board approved criteria. The Superintendent sends a proposal on to the Board for final approval.


What are the criteria used to develop school attendance boundaries?


The Board has directed that the proposal should balance the following criteria:

  • Provide the best possible learning opportunities for all students
  • Make the best possible use of existing facilities
  • Minimize added expenses
  • Minimize disruption of the education programs for each student and school
  • Minimize the movement of students from schools in close proximity to their neighborhoods
  • Achieve wide support for proposal by the community

Why is the Kern High School District changing school boundaries?


The growth in the Northwest has caused increasing enrollment at Frontier High School.  During the 2016-2017 school year, Frontier’s enrollment was approximately 2,400 students while Centennial High School had an approximate enrollment of 2,000 students, which is under capacity.  Shifting the boundaries allows for appropriate enrollment at Frontier High and utilizes the facility capabilities for enrollment at the four neighboring schools.


What schools will be impacted by the new boundary changes?


The proposed boundary changes will impact five schools: Centennial High, Frontier High, Liberty High, North High and Shafter High.


What students will be affected by the changes?


Incoming freshman for the 2018-2019 school year will be impacted by the changes.  Students already enrolled in high school prior to 2018-2019 will not be affected by the change.


Is there a map of the boundary change proposal?


The committee proposed three different plans known as Plan A, Plan B, and Plan C.  The pictures to the right depict the boundary changes for each proposed plan.


Has the community had an opportunity to review the plans and provide input?


Yes.  The Kern High School District held four public forums to discuss the proposed boundary changes and listen to public concerns about the boundary change proposals at North High School (July 6th), Centennial High School (July 10th), Frontier High School (July 12th) and Shafter High School (July 13th).   It is important for the public to express their concerns on this issue so that the Board of Trustees can make an informed decision.  


If I was unable to attend the public forum, how do I express my opinion?


You may still express your concerns by contacting the KHSD’s Research and Planning Department at (661) 827-3256.  The deadline for public comment is July 31st.  The information will be gathered and provided to the Board for review.  Questions may also be emailed to [email protected] .


When will the board vote on the boundary change proposal?


The Kern High School District Board of Trustees received the three proposals known as Plan A, Plan B and Plan C at the Board of Trustees meeting on June 26, 2017.  The Board of Trustees will vote on the proposal at the August 7, 2017 meeting.


Has the Kern High School District made a guarantee or promise that certain neighborhoods will always attend specific high schools?


Given the growth of the district, shifts in population in the district, the need to use all our capacity, and the need for new schools, the District cannot make such promises. The law requires that school districts inform all developers of which school will serve any particular development. All title companies handling these developments receive a letter which provides the required information. This letter also states: It must be understood that because the schools serving this area are now at or near capacity, students may not necessarily attend the school mentioned in future years. Additionally, there will be changes in school attendance boundaries as new high schools are constructed. The Kern High School District does not make any attendance area guarantees and is not responsible for any promises made by others. Information from developers, realtors, or title companies may or may not be current. Kern High School District’s on-line maps may help you confirm any information you are given.


Isn’t it unfair for such an important decision to be made by a boundary committee without a representative from my neighborhood?


The boundary committee is set up to ensure wide representation while keeping the committee down to a workable size. Community members for the boundary committees are chosen with an eye to overall geographic representation. Additionally, public hearing processes are held to seek input from all concerned. The comments from hearings, e-mail, and letters to the committee are presented to the boundary committee. The process is designed to allow everyone to impact the final recommendation.

Whom should I contact with further questions regarding the proposed boundary changes?

For further information contact the KHSD’s Research and Planning Department at (661) 827-3256. Questions may also be emailed to [email protected]