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KHSD Teachers Unleash Creativity, Expand Skills

FabLabs are hubs for digital fabrication and several KHSD science teachers spent an entire week on the campus of CSUB learning every aspect of FabLab capability in an effort to enhance the classroom experience for our students.
Teachers and resources at the FABLAB

     “The equipment and ideas that we gathered from FabLab will allow us to bring learning in the classroom into the 21st century. Our students can fully engage in STEM to STEAM with access to materials found in the FabLab.” – Teresa Casallas, West High School

KHSD Teachers at the FABLab

Some examples of ways to transfer this learning into their classrooms include having students design a circuit using this technology. Students would then print that circuit on copper sheets connecting LED lights in order to learn about parallel and series circuits, instead of using traditional alligator clips and wires with light bulbs.

FABLAB equipment

Students can also use the 3D printer to prototype ideas and inventions, or to innovate an existing item. Teachers were tasked to design classroom lessons using the technology at the CSUB FabLab. Next Generation Science Standards require students to engage in science and engineering practices, but many materials and pieces of equipment are needed. FabLab allows students access to all of these necessary resources. 

3D Printer

     “We hope to find, apply for, and receive some grants to help us fund campus FabLabs at our own school sites. What an inspiration this professional development has been!” – Teresa Casallas, West High School

The KHSD science teachers also learned how to use the FabLab’s laser cutter, vinyl cutter, and 3D printer.  They created 3D scans using the XBOX 360 Kinect, designed stickers using Silhouette Portrait, woodwork on Autodesk 360, and cut wood with the ShopBot.

 3D Printer

Creating with science!

Creating at the CSUB FABLab