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The University Promise

The University Promise is an initiative designed to provide all students graduating from the KHSD with the opportunity to attend CSU Bakersfield and complete college in a timely manner. KHSD Superintendent Dr. Bryon Schaefer and CSUB President Dr. Horace Mitchell signed “The University Promise” during a celebration on the CSUB campus on March 29, 2017.

Signing ceremony

      “The University Promise is just another step in a great collaboration between CSUB and the Kern High School District over a number of years.” – Dr. Horace Mitchell, President, CSUB

 As part of the University Promise, CSUB will commit to providing an admissions guarantee certificate to every incoming ninth-grade student in the KHSD who completes specific requirements. 

     “This is significant because CSUB and the Kern High School District are coming together to support our students in their dreams and aspirations to make a better life for themselves.”  - Dr. Bryon Schaefer, Superintendent, KHSD

The initiative aims to promote college awareness prior to ninth grade, increase the number of students who take and pass appropriate college-prep courses in high school, increase the number of students who graduate from high school ready for college-level math and English, and increase the number of students who apply to and enroll in college, and complete their degree at CSU Bakersfield. 

     “We want to thank our Board of Trustees who support us in our efforts to provide quality instruction, interventions, and support for our students. We also need to recognize the principals, administrators, teachers, counselors, and staff at our school sites who are working diligently to ensure our students continue to have the access and support necessary to make college a reality for our students. This is a great day and a shared vision for success.” – Dr. Brenda Lewis, Assistant Superintendent of Instruction, KHSD

CSUB will work with Kern High School District to implement an outreach and recruitment plan to assist students at all school sites. 

 Dr. Schaefer speaking at signing event