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Award Winning Author Instructs, Inspires

It’s not every day an award winning author stops by your school.  It’s extra exciting if that author hosts a Writers’ Workshop, Question and Answer session, several presentations, and a book signing event on campus!  Mike Mullen, author of the novel Ashfall, recently spent a busy day with students at Ridgeview High School (RHS).

“Not only is Mike Mullin a successful author, but he’s an outstanding teacher.  He engaged students in both his large group and small group sessions.” – Steve Holmes, Principal, RHS

During the last five years, 3,000 students at RHS have read Ashfall in conjunction with earth science and geology courses.  The novel is about a supervolcano at Yellowstone National Park and the eruption that plunges a community into survival mode after the epic disaster.

“I loved the writer’s workshop.  Students arrived before school started and left discussing what they had learned.” - Valaree Kincaid, Teacher Librarian

Mullin also spent time with Frontier High School students on February 28, 2017 and enjoyed the experience!  

"I had a great time in Bakersfield and would happily return anytime. I'd also recommend your district as a great place to visit to my author friends. I was particularly impressed with the close relationships your staff has built with students. I interacted with about 1700 students while I was there, and someone among the teachers, librarians, and administrators seemed to know pretty much all of them personally. That's not true in every high school, sadly, and is a real testament to the dedication and passion of the staff at Ridgeview and Frontier." - Mike Mullin, Author

Mullin spoke about his writing experience with Ashfall and his other novels in the series, which include Ashen Winter, and Sunrise.