School Counseling Week Spotlight: Christy Fraley, District Resource Counselor at KHSD

There is strength in numbers as the Kern High School District (KHSD) proudly leads a team of over 140 counselors, forming a powerhouse of support for students. At the forefront is Christy Fraley, the district resource counselor, who oversees the largest number of counselors in the district’s history.

With nine years of dedicated service in her position, Fraley has been instrumental in serving students and counselors alike. Her responsibilities include leading and planning head counselor meetings, guidance leadership sessions, new counselor onboarding, and four Counseling Symposiums.

One of Fraley's significant impacts is introducing a college and career readiness platform to students, enriching students with comprehensive resources in pursuit of the district's mission: to provide programs and services to allow “ALL” students to graduate from high school prepared to succeed in the workplace and at the post-secondary level.

Fraley’s passion for her work shows when she spends her day at a school site. 

"I love going out into classes and doing presentations on college and career readiness," said Fraley. “Truly, it is my favorite thing to do.”

Beyond academic and career counseling, Fraley has been actively involved in creating and managing the district's suicide prevention policy. She emphasizes the importance of providing students with the necessary resources and support for their well-being. 

Almost all KHSD school counselors possess a teaching credential, making them ideal resources inside and outside the classroom. According to the recently remodeled California standards for the school counseling profession, “school counselors must have a strong working knowledge not only of pedagogy and academic advising but also of mental and behavioral health, social and emotional wellness, along with an understanding of the intricate college and career landscape.”

Like many KHSD counselors, Fraley fulfills the multifaceted role of meeting the diverse needs of students.

"School counselors are so important to the climate of a high school,” she said. “They work within the three domains of college and career counseling, academic advising, and social and emotional support."

As Fraley continues to lead by example, she reinforces the mission of KHSD to empower every student for success beyond high school. She is proud to support students and counselors district-wide.


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