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KHSD News for February 19, 2021

3rd Annual Journalism Day Student Competition Winners
Front Page
1st place: Bakersfield High School
2nd place: Ridgeview
3rd place: Centennial
Best Sports story:
1st place: Ridgeview High Football, By: Serenity Mejia
2nd Place: Ridgeview High, Girls tennis By: Samantha Trujillo
3rd Place: Ridgeview High, soccer, By: Arianna Polanco
Honorable mention (4th): Centennial, Jaymz Neufeld, Astros Cheating
Best News Story:
1st place: Ridgeview High, By: Serenity Mejia, Sexual harassment and assault allegations story
2nd Place: Centennial High School by Xinjiang Internment Camps by Nadeen Maniord
3rd Place: Ridgeview High, Coronavirus and racism story by Harkamal K. Randhawa
Honorable mention (4th): Kern Valley High/Entry 3, November Current Events story
Best Feature Story:
1st place: Ridgeview, New art program at Ridgeview, By Katrina Amorsolo
2nd Place: Ridgeview, Ridgeview teacher's son came out as transgender story, By Cristina Cornista
3rd Place: Centennial, Hung Bui: Artist of Centennial story, by
Kali McCaa Article
Honorable mention (4th): Ridgeview High 3/3, Growing up in Compton
story, By Danielle Smith
Best Photo:
1st place: Ridgeview rally 1 picture with guy in white t-shirt prominently features
2nd place: Photo name Jaron Amos (football picture)
3rd place: Photo name Rally- 3 (two guys leaning into microphone at the left front)
Honorable mention (4th place): Leaf photo (Kern Valley High)
Best Broadcast:
1st place: East Bakersfield High , Athletes back to conditioning
2nd place: West High , Dec 15th broadcast
3rd place: East Bakersfield High , students back on campus
Honorable mention: West High , Dec 16