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The updated Staff Isolation and Quarantine Protocols can be found here or in the PDF below:
The District is providing free voluntary COVID testing for all staff in the following categories:
1) Rapid Antigen Test to Reduce the 10 Day Isolation Period - Staff can test on day 5, or later, to reduce the 10 day isolation period
2) Potential Exposure or Symptoms


Staff who test for COVID through their school or the district office must first register with the system.  Follow this link to register as a KHSD staff member in Primary.Health:



Please use this link to schedule a COVID testing appointment at the District office:


Staff required to test weekly must upload the results of Over The Counter tests to Primary.Health using this link:



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Unfortunately, the CDPH does not allow us to provide testing to a spouse or dependents who are not students of KHSD. However, COVID testing is available at EduCare at no cost to KHSD employees, spouses, and dependents that are covered by SISC. (EduCare: 661-506-1200)