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Frequently Asked Benefit Questions

What is the cost for the various premiums?
If the employee is full time, there is none. A part time employee can purchase insurance, which is pro-rated based on the number of hours the employee works per day. Part time status for classified employees is at least
(4) hours a day (5) days a week, for certificated employees (1) period a day, (5) days a week. Hourly certificated is a minimum of (20) hours in a week. Substitute time and over time do not count toward part time status.
Do Temporary Employees qualify for Medical Coverage?
Yes, Bakersfield Adult Hourly Teachers and Temporary Classified, the exception is a temporary classified hourly does not have access to benefits other than the Bronze Plan.
What does it cost to add a dependent?
The premiums are a composite fee, which means that the price does not vary as members are added to or removed from the plan.
What does the Medical Package include?
Health, Dental, and Vision.
Can I purchase just one part of the medical package?
No. Health, dental, and vision are a package and cannot be purchased separately. Only the life policy can be purchased separately.
Am I covered with my insurances during the summer months?
Is there any additional insurance cost during the summer months?
Do I pay my voluntary insurances for 11 or 12 months?
All voluntary insurances are paid for 10 months, June and July voluntary insurances are not deducted from your paycheck.
Do substitutes qualify for Insurance?
Yes, insurance available to Substitutes is the Bronze Plan.