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Free and Reduced-Price Meals

Please fill out a Free and Reduced-Price Meal Application and submit it to the Food Service Department, or return to your student's school in order to see if you qualify for free or reduced meal benefits. Previous year's applications are not renewed; a new Free and Reduced-Price Meal Application must be submitted each school year for those interested in participating in the meal program. Returning students are eligible to receive meal benefits from the previous year's status temporarily for the first 30 operational days of each new school year, and until the current year's application is submitted.  After the 30 day grace period expires, students without a processed application on file for the new school year will no longer be eligible for the Free and Reduced-Price Meal Program and will be returned to a full pay status. Parents/Guardians are responsible for the payment of all student meals including those charged, until an application is processed and approved for free or reduced meal benefits. In order to avoid meal charges and to prevent any disruption in meal benefits, please complete and submit an application as soon as possible to determine your student's eligibility for the new school year.
An application cannot be approved unless it is completed with all required information, so please fill it out completely to avoid any delays in processing. Application forms are mailed annually to all households towards the start of school, and are available during the entire school year at all school site registrar offices and cafeterias. Applications are also available at the Food Service Office located at 3701 E. Belle Terrace, Suite B, Bakersfield, California, from 7:30am-4:30pm, Monday-Friday.  As an alternative and for your convenience, applications can be completed and submitted online by clicking on the link below.
Apply Online
Apply In Person or by Mail